STEAM & the Future of Education 1

Saturday, December 2st, 2017

Past Event

STEAM – or ScienceTechnologyEngineeringArtMathematics – is the hot topic educational movement sweeping our nation and the world. Growing out of the emphasis to get more students in STEM subjects to remain a scientific and technologically advanced nation, STEAM was born in 2008, and advocates for the integration of arts and design learning in STEM. STEAM aims to foster well-rounded thinking, boost creativity in all fields, and encourages cross-disciplinary exchange to spark innovation by giving equal voice to the arts and sciences. This type of educational model not only breaks down disciplinary barriers, but allows students of all dispositions to engage in STEAM subjects from various points of view, where one can find science through art, or art through technology, or mathematics through design. As with any new movement, there is much uncharted territory in STEAM, and ample area for exploration, expansion, and revision of curricula. This roundtable topic will address the current state of STEAM and the future of education at large.

How does one successfully teach STEAM, and what does a STEAM curriculum look like? How do we enact STEAM in our existing educational system? What are the biggest challenges STEAM and new educational models? How do we form new educational models for transdisciplinary work? How do we teach for the 21st century?

December 2, Saturday:
9am: Doors open

9:30-11am: STEAM & the Future of Education Roundtable #1
(Roger Malina, Ashley Bear, Nirav Patel, Elizabeth Waters, Suzanne Anker, and Tyler Aiello)

11-11:15am: Artistic Interlude curated by Cynthia Pannucci of Art & Science Collaborations

11:15am-11:30am: Coffee break

11:30am-1pm: Science, Art & Society Roundtable #1
(Erik Hoel, Alana Quinn, Ben Lillie, David Grinspoon, Elizabeth Demaray, and Stuart Firestein)

1-2:15pm Lunch on your own

2:15-3:45pm: Science-Art Collaboration Roundtable #2 ​
(Daniel Kohn, Edgar Choureiri, Tega Brain, Patricia Olynyk, Alexis Gambis, and Tristan Perich)

3:45-4pm: Artistic Interlude curated by Jame Mcray

4-4:15pm: Coffee break

4:15-5:45pm: STEAM & the Future of Education Roundtable #2
(Harvey Seifter, Jill Bargonetti, Paul Fry, Cynthia Pannucci, Daniel Grushkin, and Ellen Levy)

7-9:30pm: Art night out!
Art reception & refreshments at UES Gallery, 208 E 73rd St, New York NY*
*This reception is the opening night of “The Void and the Cloud,” a science-based art exhibition hosted by SciArt Center in
tandem with this conference. The reception is open the public and will include music and refreshments. Conference participants
are encouraged to attend.

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