Science, Art & Society 2

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Past Event

The multi-directional relationship between science, art, and society is in great need of repair. Due to the casting out of beauty from art and validity of facts from science by Postmodernism, art and science both suffer from a disconnect with the public.This disconnect is well reflected in the lack of funding for the arts and the lack of science literacy nationwide. This disconnect also exists between the worlds of art and science themselves, needlessly hampering what could be a well-accepted and embraced partnership in addressing and solving our 21st century opportunities and problems. As cultural and intellectual authorities, it is up to the arts and sciences to bridge the gulf between art, science, and society. This roundtable topic will address the steps we can take towards mending these relationships and how we may reach a more holistic society.

How do we bridge the gulf between art and science, and between art, science, and society? What responsibilities do art and science have as cultural and intellectual authorities? How do we improve science and art literacy? How can science reach the public without dumbing itself down? How can art repair the damage to its reputation incurred during postmodernism? How can we achieve a culture in which science and art are considered worthy of funding?

December 3, Sunday:
9:30am: Doors open

10-11:30am: Science, Art & Society Roundtable #2
(Natalie Jeremijenko, Daniel Hill, Amelia Amon, Paul Browde, Nancy Princenthal, Suzanne Anker, and Farzad Mahootian)

11:30-11:45am: Artistic Interlude by Dr. Shirley Mueller

11:45am-12:15pm: Wrap Up – Science-Art Futures: What does the future hold for science, art, technology, education, and society? How do we move forward from here? All participants will take part in this session.

12:15-12:30pm: Closing remarks

12:30-1pm: Make your own Polyhedra Nightlight (courtesy of Eurekus)

1pm: End

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