Michael Lewis

University Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University

Michael Lewis is a University Distinguished Professor of pediatrics and Psychiatry, and Director of the Institute for the Study of Child Development at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson School. His research has focused on normal and deviant emotional and intellectual development. Through his research, Dr. Lewis has developed a computer-based technique for enhancing intellectual ability in children suffering from a variety of disorders associated with retardation.

Dr. Lewis has written many books including, Children’s Emotions and Moods and also Handbook of Emotional Development which was awarded the Critic’s Choice Award. His book Shame: The Exposed Self examines emotional development and self-conscious emotions which has been translated into German, Italian, and Japanese. In Altering Fate: Why The Past Does Not Predict The Future, Dr. Lewis describes various developmental theories and presents the proposition that early childhood does not seal one’s fate.

Dr. Lewis has served as an editor on numerous publications including, Child Development, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. His latest book, The Rise of Consciousness and the Development of Emotional Life is out now and he’s currently working on his new book, My Life as Development.

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