J. A. Scott Kelso

Glenwood and Martha Creech Chair in Science, Florida Atlantic University

J. A. Scott Kelso grew up in Derry, N. Ireland and was educated at universities in Belfast, Calgary and Wisconsin. He was senior research scientist at Yale’s Haskins Laboratories for 7 years before moving to Florida Atlantic University in 1985 to take up the Glenwood and Martha Creech Chair in Science and found The Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences. He is also Visiting Professor of Computational Neuroscience at The University of Ulster’s Intelligent Systems Research Centre (Magee Campus, Derry). Kelso’s research uses a combination of non-invasive brain imaging techniques, measures of real-time behavior and the concepts, methods and tools of coordination dynamics to understand how human beings (and human brains)—individually and together—coordinate behavior on multiple levels, from cells to cognition and social behavior. Kelso is a Fellow of AAAS, APA, APS and SEP. In 2007 he was named Pierre de Fermat Laureate and in 2011 was the recipient of the Bernstein Prize. He serves or has served on the Editorial Board of 12 scientific journals and monographs, and is Founding Editor of the Springer Series Understanding Complex Systems.

Participant In:

Life and Movement

Friday, October 26th
7:00 - 9:00PM

Past Event

How does the study of evolution, coordination dynamics, sports, social interactions, and aesthetics help us understand movement and life? In this roundtable, we will explore: movement and objects as distinctively different “things” to study; coordination dynamics and intrinsic dynamics and tendencies; kinesthesia; the evolution of social coordination; how, in the living company of others, we… read more »