Ernesto Reuben

Assistant Professor of Management, Columbia Business School

Ernesto Reuben is an Assistant Professor at the Columbia Business School. His research interests lie within behavioral and public economics. Broadly speaking, he investigates the role played by social norms and particular psychological traits on activities that are economically relevant for public policy and business strategy. One of his main interests is studying the microfoundations of prosocial and antisocial behavior. In particular, how intrinsic or affective motivations interact with strategic consideration in determining behavior in social dilemmas. In this line of research, he has also done experimental studies on the consequences of group heterogeneity on the enforcement of norms and the effectiveness of competition in promoting team output. More recently, he has been working on the role of reciprocity in the interaction between special interest groups and politicians, the effect of present-biased preferences on procrastination, and how implicit associations can lead to biased expectations and discrimination.

Ernesto has taught courses in public economics, microeconomics, experimental economics, statistics, and strategy in numerous universities including Princeton University, the University of Amsterdam, the Norwegian School of Management, and the Kellogg School of Management.

Participant In:

Women and the Work World

Saturday, May 17, 2014
2:30-4:30 pm

Past Event

The last 50 years has seen increasing parity of opportunity for, and achievement by, women in the work world as reflected in their increasing numbers in leadership roles in medicine and other sciences, academe, business, and politics. Yet, obstacles to women’s employment and career advancement remain. Our roundtable participants will consider the causes and consequences—cultural,… read more »