David Lichtenstein

Co-Founder, Apres-Coup Psychoanalytic Association, New York, NY

David Lichtenstein is a co-founder, faculty member, and supervisor at Apres-Coup Psychoanalytic Association in New York. He is the Editor of DIVISION/Review: A Quarterly Psychoanalytic Forum, and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the CUNY Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and at Adelphi University Derner Institute. He is the author of numerous articles, including “Born in Exile: There is No Place Like Home,” Psychoanalytic Psychology, 2009, 26, and “If It Be Not Now,” Cardozo Law Review, 2008, 29. Dr. Lichtenstein is in private practice in NYC.

Participant In:

The Topology of Fear

Saturday, March 9th
1:30 - 3:30PM

Past Event

How do emotions color and shape our actions? How do we decide to take action in the midst of fear for our own lives–go to war, fight an intruder, save a person falling on subway tracks–or to ward off catastrophes such as global climate change and the irreversible loss of species that could lead to… read more »