Albert A. Johnstone

Courtesy Professor of Philosophy, University of Oregon

Albert A. Johnstone is a philosopher who has presented internationally on a wide variety of philosophical subjects. He is author of the book, Epistemology: Taking Solipsism Seriously, and many scholarly papers, including his recent, “The Deep Bodily Roots of Emotion” (Husserl Studies, 2012) and “The Basic Self and Its Doubles” (Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2011).

Participant In:

Life and Movement

Friday, October 26th
7:00 - 9:00PM

Past Event

How does the study of evolution, coordination dynamics, sports, social interactions, and aesthetics help us understand movement and life? In this roundtable, we will explore: movement and objects as distinctively different “things” to study; coordination dynamics and intrinsic dynamics and tendencies; kinesthesia; the evolution of social coordination; how, in the living company of others, we… read more »